Ethirneechal – Promo | 14 May 2022 | Sun TV Serial | Tamil Serial|sun tv

Urged by her father, Janani is always a high achiever. But her marriage into a patriarchal family dashes her dream of a career. Thus begins Janani’s arduous journey towards empowering her family’s oppressed women to unleash their power.

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Twists and turns without any lag.. especially if they wanna narrate a flashback scene which is already shown then just playing a slideshow of that scene without wasting much time!! It’s really getting interesting day by day. Even this uncle will help Jan and Shakthi i guess.. today’s episode, he was talking about a land.. i think he will transfer it to Janani and Shakthi’s name for their goodness!! Jus a guess will see!! This serial should be announced with the so called “viruvirupana thirupangal ” tagline!!🔥🔥