Ethirneechal – Promo | 12 May 2022 | Sun TV Serial | Tamil Serial|sun tv

Urged by her father, Janani is always a high achiever. But her marriage into a patriarchal family dashes her dream of a career. Thus begins Janani’s arduous journey towards empowering her family’s oppressed women to unleash their power.

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The best serial 👏👏 Hats off to you dir sir 👏 Still male chauvinism (Aanathikkam) is there in most of the houses and it is getting portraited correctly in this serial 👏 Dialogues are very realistic and acceptable in most of women life

கதையை சிறப்பாக இயக்குனர் கொண்டு செல்கிறார். எதிர் நீச்சல் சீரியல் விறுவிறுப்பாக கொண்டு செல்லுவது போல் promo வையும் சீக்கிரம் போடுங்கள். 😌