Abiyum Naanum – Promo | 04 May 2022 | Sun TV Serial | Tamil Serial|sun tv

ABIYUM NAANUM is a family drama on Sun TV. Mukilan, the mischievous son of Shiva-Meena, pampered grandson of Rajeswari is the apple of their eyes. In a strange twist of fate, Abhirami, a sweet-natured and compassionate little girl who enters their home, out-of-nowhere, shares a special connection with Meena. Thus begins a beautiful tale that unfolds Abhirami’s affectionate bond with the family and the lurking mystery of her past.

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Promo ivolo sikiram வந்தது ரொம்ப ஆச்சரியம் மா இருக்கு

Showing Meena concerned about her brother in law Raghu is a good thing ,But at the same time try to show Meena living with Abi happily by proving siva’s mother’s astrological belief is faulty .Also Meena should try to find out what happened to the original DNA Report of Abi .Hope something positive like that happen in future episodes .